Ambassador Plan

Become an ambassador and change your life! A unique opportunity to increase your fan base, grow your brand and make a lot of money!

What is an Ambassador?

Mila Azul
  • An Ambassador will represent and promote the vision of Nafty and its community.
  • An Ambassador will be promoted by the Nafty Community and its multitude of PR and Marketing channels and resources.
  • An Ambassador will have their own account manager to take care of all their Nafty needs.

Why Become a NAFTY Ambassador?

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FREE Promotion YOU

Regular Press releases and ongoing PR for you, FOR FREE! At NAFTY we work with 5 PR agencies to place articles in wide variety of publications. Making sure your name is published is great for your publicity, gaining you more fans, highlighting more angles of you, and is a huge help to achieving social platform verifications.

More Followers and Fans for YOU

Nafty has started mass promotion everywhere including Media buying, influencer marketing and social media advertising. More followers and fans means more income.

With tens of influencers and models already signed up to the Nafty ecosystem, our cross platform and profile promotion will highlight your profile to a varied and global audience of fans.

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Solving Problems – YOUR Problems

How many times have you had problems getting YOUR money from the bank? Getting YOUR money from OnlyFans? This is YOUR money. Tired of them telling you how much you’re allowed to get and when you can get it? Others controlling YOUR money that YOU work for!

NAFTY, thanks to blockchain technology, are here to solve ALL these problems

Team that support

NAFTY have great team that always will help, guide and support you, not hold you back.

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Make money

As an Ambassador you will receive Nafty Tokens, we can’t guarantee the value of the token, but these could be worth fortune in the future. The first bitcoin purchase for 2 pizzas would be worth over 350 million dollars today so just watch those tokens value increase in your wallet.


If you participate and provide content, we will mint that content as an NFT. You can make money on the first sale and a percentage of royalties for every re-sale in the future, FOREVER.

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Be A Part Of It

It’s the opportunity of a life time, get publicity and fans for free, make money and be part of a new revolution happening right now .

Reserve Your Place TODAY

We are limited with the amount of places we have for Ambassadors, so please hurry and take spot

We are looking for adult stars with at least 500k following on Twitter or Instagram

If you want to Join the fast growing community or have other questions please

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